Proyecto Amistad | Fashion Charity Based In Barcelona
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Proyecto Amistad

We are a fashion charity based in Barcelona. Managed by Charles Daniel McDonald, our goal is to provide new underwear, a laundry service and sanitary & dental hygiene products for people who are forced to live on the street.


Provision of sanitary products for personal hygiene.


Supply of new underwear and laundry facilities.


Barcelona is the largest city in Catalunya. It also has one of the highest levels of homeless, with more than 3,400 people registered without a place to stay. According to the “Network of Attention to Homeless People”, 1026 people currently have extreme difficulty finding a place to sleep; with 415 without regular accommodation and 2006 people depending on public and private resources to spend the night.

Proyecto Amistad is aware that in some cases, it is possible to find basic food and shelter. We recognise that there are however, other needs that are not so easily obtainable; such as new and clean underwear and facilities to wash clothes and bed linen alongside sanitary and dental hygiene products. Our objective is to be able to fulfill these needs by forming a strategically accessible support network that defines our philosophy and defense of these basic values.

We hope to develop humanitarian relationships with companies, charities and sponsors through the guidance of entrepreneur Charles Daniel McDonald and his communications agency IMAGINATION HEADQUARTERS  who directly contribute 15% of all business profits towards this cause. In addition this, we are also delighted to receive volunteer requests and supplementary product donations.



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    Avinguda Republica Argentina – Barcelona 08023 –


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